I work as a consultant with langa. We do node.js development.

My focus is primarily on backend javascript development and testing.

In addition to client work, we maintain a number of open source modules, including the trails.js framework.

I worked at, on the service layer that powers the site.

We used the hapijs api framework.

During the year I was there, my coworkers and I wrote thousands of lines of nodejs code, hundreds of tests, and set up a continuous delivery system.

Treblebull is my hobby - it is a darts training site. It is still a work in progress.

It has an angularjs front-end, a tomcat/java/postgres back-end, and is currently hosted by heroku. is a massive php application, with custom built templating and caching.

My most ambitious project at epinions was replacing the api that returned all of the dynamic site data with a bigger and better (and vastly different) api.

This was a harrowing task, as it was legacy code, and there were no unit or integration tests.

At I started out working on jsp/css/html, and ended up touching pretty much every part of the stack by the time I was finished.

For the last couple years I worked mostly with java, though I was also involved in creating a new angularjs client dashboard.


My name is Ryan. I am a programmer living in Seattle, Washington.

At the moment I am working on server-side javascript development, but I am comfortable working in any part of the stack.

I have production experience with java and php, and have dabbled in python, scala and haskell.

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contact me at if you have a project you would like to discuss.